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JA Audiobook Learn Japanese

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Optimize your time and learn Japanese smartly. JA Audiobook is a unique and entertaining Japanese reading assistant that helps you acquire effective communication in Japanese, whether you are a beginner or you already have an intermediate level.JA Audiobook contains a series of texts in order of increasing difficulty with sound and background music for each text that will entertain and help you stay focused, or even touch you and make you laugh! At any time, press on a sentence in the text for detailed information:
• Complete grammar fact sheets that explain the structures used.• Fact sheets on the Japanese particles and counters encountered in the sentence.• Many additional comments.• A list of words used in the sentence with their meaning.• A detailed Kanji sheet accompanied by a tool that will assess your writing.• The complete conjugation and verbal constructions for each verb.• Assess your understanding of the text with a quiz at the end of each text, and get access to the translation of the text.
JA Audiobook is like a teacher who remains at your side, ready to assist you when you are stuck. The objective is to rapidly familiarize yourself with authentic Japanese content and easily assimilate it for reuse in your own statements.
You may already know many Japanese words and have read many lessons, but you are still unable to understand and express yourself naturally. Working with the JA Audiobook texts:
• You memorize syntactic patterns that become natural and automatic.• You will learn words in context.• You will learn how to read Kanji (Japanese characters) in texts.• Your reading of Hiragana and Katakana will flow better without you noticing.• You will have more confidence in your level in Japanese, and you will thus progress faster.
JA Audiobook is the missing link between your knowledge of the language (a set of individual words and grammar rules) and communicative competence that you want to achieve. Because you do not want to become an encyclopedia of the Japanese language, but simply to talk with your Japanese friends or to watch Japanese shows on TV.
By the numbers:
• 20 texts for a total listening length of more than 60 minutes• 877 different words • 577 different Kanji used• 80 different grammar sheets• 74 different particle usages• 19 Japanese counters• Over 40MB of carefully crafted Japanese material and data to install• 9 Japanese native speakers to bring more variation and improve your listening
List of texts included:
• Usagi- san, an Unexpected Hero: funny and moving tale for beginners. (7 texts)• The Strange Encounter of Kenta: story between a young boy and an old lady, for beginners. (5 texts)• Don't be late for the meeting! : dialogue between two colleagues to learn the polite oral form. (1 text)• Tomoko’s Journal: introduction to the informal style in writing. (1 text)• City or Country?: argumentative conversation to express your opinion in Japanese. (1 text)• Barbecue with Friends: telephone conversation between two students in informal speech. (1 text)• Yumi - Not easy to be a father: humorous text between an overwhelmed father, and his daughter. Colloquial and oral language is highlighted. (1 text)• Yumi - I want a tablet! : dialog between two schoolgirls. Oral forms are used. (1 text)• Cultural Experience in Japan: learn to tell about your trip to Japan in Japanese with more complex sentences that prepare you for the next level. (2 texts)
These texts will mainly help you to take the JLPT N5 and JLPT N4.Once the texts are downloaded, no Internet connection is required.JA Audiobook is fully available in ENGLISH and FRENCH.To fully utilize JA Audiobook, it is advisable to know Hiragana and Katakana. If this is not the case or if you do not know what it is, install the free JA Sensei application, a complementary and comprehensive application which will teach you all the necessary basics and much more.